Gratitude Friday

practiceshrine1. Practice. The only way I stay sane.

2. The light when it snows. Even in the middle of the night it’s light outside, and if it’s sunny during the day it’s super bright. It’s a nice change after all the dark.

3. Wild Writing. We started a new session today. It feels good to get back at it.

4. This guy, who is willing to take the dogs out for a run even though it’s -9 degrees. And he made cinnamon rolls yesterday, after he shoveled all the snow off the sidewalks and around our cars.


5. Ringo Blue and Sweet Sam. We’ve been in a phase of health and calm with the dogs that’s such a welcome reprieve. May it last.

showernap snowsam03

Bonus joy: good snow tires, thermal underwear, Voxer, emails from my mom, texts from my brother, the stories I wrote my dad for Christmas being a big hit, naps, good books, whole clove garlic bread, yoga class first thing in the morning, a big glass of cold clean water, time alone, watching old episodes of Amazing Race and laughing with Eric, soaking in a warm tub, clean sheets, staying in my pjs all day, poetry.

I'd love to hear what you think, kind and gentle reader.

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