Something Good


1. Funny tweets: #crappyholidays, 10+ Of The Best Parenting Tweets Of 2016, The 50 Funniest Tweets From Women In 2016, and an entire website devoted to sharing the funniest tweets, Hall of Tweets.

2. In New York, Activists Prepare Bystanders To Take Action Against Harassment. “If you were to witness a bias-based attack or a hate crime, how would you respond?”

3. “Wild Geese” written and read by Mary Oliver. Video created by Live Learn Evolve in partnership with We Are Wildness.

4. 30 Of The Most Important Articles By People Of Color In 2016. Required reading.

5. Can we talk about ACTUAL resistance now?, a Facebook live video from Ijeoma Oluo.

6. Older Women’s Housing Project. “As life expectancy increases, the question of where and how we live in our old age is becoming more and more important. One group of women in London have come up with a novel solution: they’ve created their own co-housing project. The idea is that they will support each other to combat loneliness, ill health and all the other challenges that come with old age. Now after years of delays, they’ve finally moved into their new home.”

7. An orchard made from the principles of sacred geometry in Costa Rica.

8. Vertical gardens are both beautiful and healthful.

9. White People: an Explainer. “Whiteness – and the privilege it carries with it – is a powerful thing. And it’s completely made up.”

10. People Are Posting Pics Of Their Animals Before & After Being Called A Good Boy.

11. 5 Reasons to Write from Nan Seymour, “Reflections upon returning from Deena Metzger’s writing workshop.”

12. A man records himself talking in his sleep, to hilarious and alarming results.

13. 391-Year-Old Bonsai Tree Planted In 1625 Has Survived Hiroshima And Keeps On Growing.

14. Healing from Toxic Whiteness, “an online training program for white people committed to racial justice.”

15. 41 Epic Sites With Breathtaking Stock Photos You Can Use For Free, a great resource list.

16. Mindfully Free of Wanting People to Be a Certain Way from Zen Habits. In related news, 5 Tips For When You Have Too Much to Do.

17. Advice from Pema Chödrön, “Constantly apply cheerfulness, if for no other reason than because you are on this spiritual path. Have a sense of gratitude to everything, even difficult emotions, because of their potential to wake you up.”

18. The 100 Day Promise: Self-Compassion with Sandi Amorim. “The 100 Day Promise is a practice that guides you through the process of change in an in-depth and soulful way.”

19. Empathy isn’t a favor I owe white Trump voters. It has to go both ways. “I’m not saying that everybody who voted for the former online steak salesman is a racist or a sexist or an Islamophobe. That argument isn’t even required to explain things. All we need to acknowledge is that by their votes they showed us they were okay with racism and sexism and Islamophobia. They valued their attachment to a bygone economic era over their attachment to the stated ideals of this nation when it comes to inclusion and equal protection under the law.”

20. How Writers Are Getting Back to Work, “Celeste Ng, Sara Novic, Morgan Jerkins and others on How Catastrophe Affects Daily Practice.”

21. How do you pursue a writing career in Trump’s America without hating yourself?

22. 31 Days of Devotion is Back! with Adreanna Limbach, “a FREE online series that brings daily meditation + contemplative practices right into your inbox, 7 days a week for the entire month of January.”

23. Overwhelm and Antidotes on Rita’s Notebook.

24. NPD – A guide to learning to deal with narcissistic personality disorder.

25. 10+ Of The Funniest Christmas Gifts That People Got This Year.

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