Gratitude Friday


1. Our Christmas tree. I’m so glad we got one this year. I love turning it on when it’s dark outside. It makes me feel cheerful and calm, safe.

rigdenshrine022. Retreat. I love Shambhala Mountain Center. I love Susan Piver. I love the time to settle in and write. I love the good people who come with the same intention. This year there was even yoga and I didn’t have to teach it.


3. Morning walks. It’s cold outside, but it sure is pretty.


4. Flowers in the bathroom. This week is an extra special Christmas edition.

5. My tiny family. I loved being on retreat, but I also loved coming back home to them. If you could, send Sam some extra love this next week — we have to take him to the vet because he has a mysterious lump on his side, and our luck with that sort of thing isn’t so good.

ringoshadow samshadow

Bonus joy: Some time off work, clementines, apple pie oatmeal, roasted sweet potatoes, sleeping in, taking naps, laughing with Eric, Dexter the cat, good tv, good books, clean water, soaking in a hot tub, good friends, having all my Christmas prep done (except for the cooking), resolving conflict, glasses so I can see, a warm coat, clean laundry, my new bathroom and car — neither of which are really new still.

2 thoughts on “Gratitude Friday

  1. Rita

    Happy holidays to you, Jill! I am grateful for all the good you put out into the world. That first picture of Sam is gorgeous! And I am with you on the tree–I have loved having ours this year.


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