Three Truths and One Wish

1. Truth: I’m tired. I’ve been subbing some yoga classes the past few weeks, and for every class I teach, I practice it at least once, so it’s been a lot of yoga and getting up early. And of course all the other reasons I’m usually tired are still true. They didn’t take time off while I was teaching.

2. Truth: As tired as I get, I keep going. This picture made me think about that, because it happens when I go hiking too, especially when it’s a new trail I’ve never been on before. There’s something about being curious, wanting to keep going and see what’s around the next corner.

3. Truth: Curiosity and a sense of humor are essential, especially if we are talking about how to not give up, how to keep going, even when we are tired.

One wish: May we find rest, stay curious, and never lose our sense of humor.

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