Three Truths and One Wish


1. Truth: I trusted my gut, and I was right. I saw a new podiatrist today, the one my physical therapist originally recommended but he was in the process of moving from a group practice to a private practice and wasn’t available. This dude was the foot whisperer! I just knew that the custom orthotics I was using weren’t right (turns out they actually caused tendonitis in some ligaments in my ankle, thus the lingering discomfort I’ve been dealing with) and that the real issue is my hip. He confirmed what I already suspected, that the chronic low back and hip pain from a fall off a horse when I was 18 caused my body to modify my gait, to overcompensate for things that were hurt in a way that became the norm long after the injury, made me “calf dominant” and allowed areas of my hips and right leg to weaken, and the plantar faciitis was never the real issue, just a symptom of a long term ongoing problem — that can totally be corrected!

2. Truth: Reading and taking a nap are medicine. As I spend this time on vacation, I’ve been paying attention to what feeds me, what makes me feel good, what helps, and these two things in particular are magic.

3. Truth: My perspective about depression is shifting. I watched a video yesterday, From “De-pressed” to “Deep Rest”: Depression as a Call to Spiritual Awakening?, and it kind of blew my mind. Have you ever had it happen that the thing that you most needed to hear just seems to show up at exactly the right time? That’s how I felt about this. I’d been having a hard couple of days (no one showed up for my last yoga class, someone hit one of our cars but didn’t leave a note or anything, Eric and I had a hard discussion, etc.), and this came when I really needed it. It changes everything for me to think of depression as a particular kind of exhaustion caused by working to maintain a false sense of self, as an invitation to rest deeply with who I really am.

One wish: May we trust our intuition about what we need and allow ourselves to have it, seeking help if we need it and allowing ourselves to rest, to heal.

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