Gratitude Friday


My new favorite sweatshirt

1. Good mail, from good people, kind and funny and covered in dog hair.

2. Three good interns, because my CSU to-do list this semester is 10 pages long and it’s always better to work with good people.

3. A long overdue lunch with a good friend.

4. Teaching yoga. A good turnout at my 7 am class, an unexpected ease with the practice, a knowing, a wisdom that comes directly from my body.

5. My tiny family. Eric teaching Ringo to “sing,” the way both dogs know what it means to “come take a shower” (run into the bathroom with the human and sleep on the floor while they shower), what a punk Ringo can be, how sweet Sam is, how Eric and I make each other laugh, how Eric leaves me a light so I don’t have to come to bed in the dark, (a headlamp tucked under the sheet or a battery operated candle on my dresser).

Hiking at Lory State Park with the dad

Hiking at Lory State Park with the dad

Bonus Joy: indoor heat, fresh pineapple, a warm shower, sleeping in, my new bathroom (yes, still), Wild Writing class, taking walks, peanut butter, marionberry jam, wool socks, sunshine, soft thin wool sweaters, one good pair of jeans, a good pen, blank notebooks, Humans of New York.

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