Daily Archives: January 22, 2016

Gratitude Friday


My new favorite sweatshirt

1. Good mail, from good people, kind and funny and covered in dog hair.

2. Three good interns, because my CSU to-do list this semester is 10 pages long and it’s always better to work with good people.

3. A long overdue lunch with a good friend.

4. Teaching yoga. A good turnout at my 7 am class, an unexpected ease with the practice, a knowing, a wisdom that comes directly from my body.

5. My tiny family. Eric teaching Ringo to “sing,” the way both dogs know what it means to “come take a shower” (run into the bathroom with the human and sleep on the floor while they shower), what a punk Ringo can be, how sweet Sam is, how Eric and I make each other laugh, how Eric leaves me a light so I don’t have to come to bed in the dark, (a headlamp tucked under the sheet or a battery operated candle on my dresser).

Hiking at Lory State Park with the dad

Hiking at Lory State Park with the dad

Bonus Joy: indoor heat, fresh pineapple, a warm shower, sleeping in, my new bathroom (yes, still), Wild Writing class, taking walks, peanut butter, marionberry jam, wool socks, sunshine, soft thin wool sweaters, one good pair of jeans, a good pen, blank notebooks, Humans of New York.