Daily Archives: June 26, 2015

Gratitude Friday


1. Our garden. With all the rain, it’s growing in really well. We’ve been getting a handful of strawberries every day, and tons of kale and lettuce. It makes me so much happier to look out the front window and see the jungle of my garden rather than a boring lawn.

2. Summer vacation. This year, it’s taken some real wrangling on my part to keep it from turning into a season of being on call at work, not really on vacation but stuck in some awful limbo, but with the help of a wise, good-hearted boss, I think I’m finally getting there, truly on vacation.

wherenextbrother3. Eric hiking with the dogs. I appreciate the time alone, they have a great time gone, and Eric brings back lots of good pictures and two tired happy dogs.

4. A play date with Chloe’ and Pancho. The best part was when Sam came out and started to play with the puppy.


Mr. Pancho

5. Asking for what I wanted and getting it. I’m glad I asked, and glad there was a yes. It felt like a double victory.


Bonus Joy: Strawberry pie, Couch to 5K, a bit of extra pay to make up for the extra work, TV, clean sheets, some new clothes, my new running shoes, yoga, Daily Dharma Gathering, Pema Chodron, clean water, fresh fruit, a dinner date with Eric, podcasts, the way Sam pushes his head under my hand when he wants petted, the way Ringo barks to announce himself when he’s getting into trouble (it’s like he’s saying, “look at what I’m doing!”), bird song, leafcutter bees, a partner who shares the chores.