Daily Archives: June 12, 2015

Gratitude Friday

frommygarden1. Peonies. From my garden, and a few roses too.

june2015garden2. Our garden. Flowers, fruits, and veggies.

smartphoneshopping3. Smart phones. How did we grocery shop before we could take pictures and text them to each other?

couching044. My boys. Ringo continuing to grow up little by little while still retaining his ability to make me laugh with his crazy antics. Sam behaving himself so well on a play date with a puppy he was meeting for the first time.

dogswaiting5. Sleepy dogs. I love how sweet they look, how willing they are to cuddle, the deep sighs, the way they chase and bark at stuff in their dreams.

ringonapBonus joy: how green everything is, how well our garden is doing because of all the rain and the sun, strawberries from our own garden, upick berries from Garden Sweet, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies as big as my head, Orange is the New Black Season 3, having the money to be able to put a new roof on the house and whatever else needs done, good friends who will listen to me complain, a partner who will listen to me cry, long walks with the dogs, yoga, Professor Blastoff podcasts, Skype dates with creative and interesting women, trusting that if I keep showing up I will figure out how to write this book that I’m trying to write, naps, summer vacation, being able to change my mind.