Gratitude Friday

practice021. Practice. I struggle so much with my mind — its constant freaking out over every little thing, how it won’t let me rest, its speed and noise, its confusion, how it spends so much time obsessing over every potential risk and choice, the stories it tells that have almost nothing to do with what is really happening, how it won’t let go or relax — and practice is one of the only things that allows me some freedom, some ease, some peace.

2. Community. I was listening to an interview yesterday taped for the Feast program I’m in with Rachel Cole, and there was a discussion about the importance of community, how support from a community can help us resist some of the distraction, confusion, insanity, and dysfunction that occurs in our world. As an introvert, community is a complicated situation for me, and yet I find myself supported by so many. I’m so grateful for Feast, the Open Heart Project, the Daily Dharma Gathering, Om Ananda Yoga studio, my friends, my online tribe, my family, and my CSU people. My suffering and confusion are eased by those connections.

3. Sam and Ringo, my tiny family. I try so hard to do my best to take care of them, generate so much anxiety and suffering for myself trying to make the right decisions, so afraid I’ll make a mistake. Thankfully their experience is mostly free of any such worry, their lives full of ease and joy.

Sweet Sam on Spring Break

Sweet Sam on Spring Break

Ringo Blue on Spring Break, all smiles

Ringo Blue on Spring Break, all smiles

4. Eric, who is so patient with me, such a loving witness to my struggle.

5. Breakfast burritos, from La Luz with love.

breakfastburritoloveBonus joy: Skyping with Justine, teaching yoga, bird song in the early morning, getting shit done, being able to rest, sympathetic joy, talking to my mom on the phone, getting en eye exam and finding out my distance vision hadn’t gotten any worse in the past two years, cooking, listening to podcasts, new music, blue sky, a new piece of art, receiving and sending mail, good advice from Andrea, making plans to see friends I’m missing, the way Ringo rolls on his back and lets you pet his belly, the tiny little ball Sam can curl into when he’s sleeping, full minute hugs, a nurse good at drawing blood fast and painless, good test results, naps, the episode of Friends where Joey tries to learn French.

6 thoughts on “Gratitude Friday

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  2. Frances D

    You know when I read your blog I imagine this person who never has a worry and glides through her day effortlessly touching hearts and bringing joy. Love the YouTube.

    1. jillsalahub Post author

      Oh if only that were true, Frances! (and P.S. I was just thinking about you the other day because you hadn’t commented lately and I was wondering how you were, sending you love).

      1. Frances D

        I am doing well thank you. My daughter and I took a trip to Washington last weekend, and I am off to NJ/NY next weekend. For the next few days I am laying low. Namaste

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