Daily Archives: March 22, 2015

Day of Rest

After drinking my coffee, watching the Daily Dharma Gathering talk from last night and writing my morning pages, Eric and I took a long walk with the dogs. As we got to the park, the sun was rising and turning some of the sky pink. When we got back home, I realized I was too late to go to yoga, but I’d taught both Friday and Saturday and have a class tomorrow morning, so felt totally okay about having a day without yoga. I showered and ate breakfast. After goofing around on the internet for a bit, I went to the Shambhala Meditation Center.

I hadn’t been to Sunday morning meditation, or to the Center for any other reason, for over a year. It wasn’t something I’d planned. It just happened. I started practicing more and more with the Open Heart Project. Dexter was diagnosed with cancer and died. My meditation instructor unexpectedly moved away. I started yoga teacher training and we got Ringo. I got distracted and busy and fell out of touch. Ever since I took refuge vows in November, I’ve wanted to make my way back. As today was the last day of Spring Break and the first weekend of Spring, it seemed like a good time.

As soon as I sat on a cushion in the main shrine room, my whole body and my mind relaxed. I have spent many, many hours in that space practicing and it’s precious to me. We shifted between sitting and walking meditation, heard a short talk and had a discussion, sat and walked some more, and ended with closing chants. There were people I didn’t recognize, but others I’ve known for more than eight years. I’m glad I went.

When I got home, Eric was still gone, so I let the dogs out in the yard to play for a bit. Then we all came back into the kitchen and I started cooking: lemon zucchini bread and seasoned potatoes for the sweet potato and black bean quesadillas we are having for dinner. While I cooked, I finished listening to health coach Isabel Foxen Duke talk about emotional eating, weight bias, the Health At Every Size movement, her own eating disorder recovery, and Nutella on the Food Psych podcast. Once I was done, Eric was home and it was time to walk the dogs again.

It was a deliciously sane day, full of practice, rest, ease, and connection. I feel nourished — fed and cherished. Just three short years ago, I didn’t think it was possible. I’m so glad I didn’t give up.