Gratitude Friday

Yup, that's Neil Gaiman and me.

Yup, that’s Neil Gaiman and me.

1. Meeting Neil Gaiman. I stood in line for seven hours and it was totally worth it. He’s one of the kindest humans I’ve ever met, made eye contact and spoke to every person (and the rumor is it was 2000+), and stayed until 3 am signing books until there was no more line. He’s generous and kind and caring, as well as brilliant and funny. I got to tell him that even though I love everything he does, my favorite thing he’s ever written was the blog post he wrote when he lost his dog, The Power of Dog. Cabal (2003-2013). It was six months after Dexter was diagnosed with cancer and a few years after we’d lost Obi, and it was so comforting to have someone so smart so publicly confess to being brokenhearted over a dog.

2. Good friends. Some of them waited in line for Neil Gaiman too, and they made seven hours seem like it wasn’t even really that long.

3. Sam and Ringo. It makes me so happy that they get along so well. I’ve always felt like my dogs should be a pair because there are things about being a dog that I just don’t get, can’t give them. It’s a relief when the pairing works out so well.

thirstydogs4. Daily Dharma Gathering and Feast. The combination of the two is making me feel like I am simultaneously falling to pieces and superpowered — raw and tender and strong.

5. Yoga, both practice and teaching, as well as the opportunity to do more training.

Bonus joy: Watching Friends with Eric and laughing, grapefruit juice, naps, paid sick days, asiago bagels, blue sky, the chance to start over (again and again and again), International House Hunters, understanding how I’m wired and honoring that, watching Ringo and Sam play together, taking a shower, clean sheets, crying, finding another bean from Dexter’s Little D when I was sweeping.

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