Daily Archives: January 6, 2015

Three Truths and One Wish

1. Truth: The light this morning was dreamy. It was the first time I got to go on the morning walk in over a week. It was 27 degrees, almost a heatwave compared to the cold we’ve been having. The sky was so beautiful in places it almost made me cry with gratitude.

2. Truth: I can’t do everything. I know that must seem obvious to so many, but I still struggle with it. I try to figure out how to do it all, convinced that there’s some formula, that I’ll crack the code if I just keep working at it. And then something happens like the dryer stops working or I forget to buy puppy cookies at the feed store or I notice how badly the bathtub needs recaulked and I feel like I want to lie down and never get up.

3. Truth: The earlier in the day I can take a shower, the better. If I don’t, I do this thing where I schlep around the house in my purple fleece bathrobe doing “just this one more thing” and even though it might seem like I am getting a lot accomplished, really I’m stuck. It doesn’t feel good.

One Wish: On the days that feel hard, when we feel stuck or that there’s too much to do or when something as simple as the light of the morning sky makes us feel like crying, may we be gentle with ourselves.