Daily Archives: January 16, 2015

Gratitude Friday

teachingtwists1. Yoga. I taught a new class this morning and it went well. Two gorgeous curvy women showed up, I had a new cd that I really like, and I wore a mala my dear friend made me for good luck. More and more I see how yoga has been essential to my ability to practice self-compassion, to my efforts to heal and get stronger, to be sane. Through teaching, I can see directly how much I’ve changed, transformed.

curvyyoga2. My new favorite tshirt from Curvy Yoga in Nashville. I love the work that Anna does — she’s one of the reasons I became a yoga teacher, knew I had the right, belonged. I think I’m going to demand that from now on all of my clothes are this soft, this comfortable.

declutter3. Decluttering, simplifying. In order to make room for this new wardrobe of soft, comfortable, beautiful clothes that I’m certain are coming my way, I got rid of an entire trunkload of stuff. It felt so good. Bathroom drawers and kitchen cabinets and bookshelves are next.

kellyscookies 4. Kelly’s Giant Ginger Cookies. I’d been wanting to make these for a long time and finally had the desire, ingredients, and time all in the same place. Susan’s blog has some amazing recipes, and I love her stories of my friend and her daughter, Kelly. I told Susan after I made the cookies that I was wishing we could all sit down over a cup of tea and enjoy them — heck, I’d eat a bowl of dirt to get to sit and chat with Kelly again, make her laugh with my dumb dog stories.

daniellesnewalbum5. Danielle Ate the Sandwich’s new album, The Drawing Back of the Curtains. I’ve been listening to it non-stop since she released it.

mythreeboysBonus joy: my three boys, watching old episodes of Friends on Netflix and laughing with Eric, Gumpkies (cabbage rolls), the good chocolate, beautiful malas, good music, sleep, a new season of Downton Abbey.