#smallstone: A Writer’s Dog

I’m teaching Ringo to be a writer’s dog, to sleep peacefully with the background noise of my fingers tapping on the keys and to wait patiently until I’m finished. It’s not like I haven’t compromised — he fusses if I listen to music, so I write in silence, which is not my preference.

“There was a writer who had a dog, and Ringo was his name-o…”

8 thoughts on “#smallstone: A Writer’s Dog

  1. Mary Montanye

    I have learned to write with one dog on my lap (sharing space with my laptop) and one dog at my feet. Big sigh…

  2. Lisa Kaftori

    Dear Jill, You have a lovely and amazing way of elevating the ordinary to the sacred. Thank you so much for your sharing your beautiful, poignant, from the expansive heart thoughts and insights. Much love, Lisa♥

  3. eviegwatts

    have you tried classical? So funny that he would get antsy with music playing. Saw a great pic of a Ringo dog sleeping on top of a big sheep down here.

    1. jillsalahub Post author

      Oh Evie, I know exactly which picture you are talking about, I’ve seen it too! And I can listen to music if it’s already on when he falls asleep, but if I turn it on after, he complains. Right now him sleeping is more important than me having what I want. 🙂


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