#smallstone: Water Bottle

I don’t use them much for myself, have stainless steel ones, but with my first puppy I discovered that an empty plastic water bottle is just about one of the best puppy toys ever. They love the noise they make, the way they shoot and roll across the floor, how it feels to bite and eventually destroy them.

4 thoughts on “#smallstone: Water Bottle

  1. Meghan

    My dog loves water bottles too! We don’t have them very often at the house, but if she sees us with one, she’ll stare us down until we give it to her. She is 9 and still hasn’t outgrown it!

    1. jillsalahub Post author

      🙂 The only reason ours outgrow it is because when they get old enough, they can destroy them too fast and I’m always afraid they’ll bite a chunk off and swallow it.

  2. theresanovak

    My Sadie loved buttercontainers. She loved to bit it and have it pop and fly out of her mouth and then chase it. They are also thick enough to hold up to the play.


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