#reverb13: Day Seven

reverb13Project Reverb prompt, “Victory Laps: What was your biggest accomplishment of 2013?”

Self-Compassion Saturday. Started by a nudge from the Universe, a call to do something that was not in the plan, not on my to-do list but rather something that showed up and insisted. It took courage to ask people to participate, people I respected and cared about, whose opinions and wisdom I valued. It took a commitment to see it through, to collect responses, keep to a schedule, put together each post and share it. It took trust to end it, to finish. It will take another period of effort to put together the ebook, to finish sending out thank yous to all who participated, and to make an offering in their honor.

Reverb13 prompt, “Reveal your self(ie): Please post your favourite picture of yourself from 2013, self-portrait or otherwise!” Me, in the back yard at the beginning of the summer, feeling peaceful and rested, content, and even though I knew Dexter had cancer and was going to die, in that moment, he was doing really well, lounging in the grass next to me.


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