Daily Archives: November 8, 2013

Gratitude Friday

27powersmorning1. 27 Powers. Mornings at the kitchen table, drinking coffee and eating yogurt, sitting across the table from Laurie, talking about everything that matters. A warm bath, how long it took to fill the tub, how the steam that rose off the water was lit by the candles, how quiet the house was. Sitting at the long table Wild Writing. Resting with Zander on that last night. Lunch in the yard with Sherry, eating Firecracker chocolate for dessert. Snuggling in the big chair, sitting in a circle of open hearts receiving a transmission of wisdom from Rachel, how she helped me to understand what I’m truly hungry for, that what I long for is to be home, in all the various ways that manifests — in my body, my practice, my work, my house, my relationships, the world.

2. Being seen, encouraged, accepted — and through that, allowing it to touch me and light the way, being able to do those things for myself.

my current favorite picture from my photo shoot with Andrea Scher

my current favorite picture from my photo shoot with Andrea Scher

3. In my Eddy Hall office, listening to Sufjan Stevens with the window open and the wind blowing the trees outside, rattling the leaves that are left.

4. Blooming Schlumbergera.

blooming5. Sleeping in my own bed, next to the warm bodies of my boys.

Bonus Joy: The way Sam squealed when he saw me for the first time in four days.