Daily Archives: May 3, 2013

Gratitude Friday


1. The breeze coming in through the window over the kitchen sink while I was baking cookies, and how my whole house smelled like vanilla and chocolate.

2. Plant a Kiss Missions. I am convinced that I got more out of the giving than any of the recipients got from the getting. I am seriously trying to figure out how I can become a professional love bomber.

3. Hanging out with a friend and her new baby. Walking around old town, running errands, watching him smile at her, sitting for coffee, making plans for world domination and personal freedom.

4. Sleeping in. Specifically waking up slowly, having that last hour or so where you are sort of awake, but keep saying “just a few more minutes, not yet” and maybe even fall back asleep. And as an added bonus, Eric walked the dogs for me, in the snow and on my day, so I could sleep in.

5. Peaches in smoothies. They make it creamy, tart, and bright–satisfying.

Bonus Joy: Another week with Dexter, but even better–today is his birthday! He came to us at ten weeks old, and now he’s ten years old. My first double digit dog. The only things that have changed since those first days with him are that we are both older, his face is much grayer, and I love him so much more.