Small Stone: Music from the Next Room

From the next room, I hear Eric whistling “I will always love you,” packing for a hike. He stops to whisper something to one of the dogs. I remember how I made him laugh last night–he was in the kitchen preparing for bed and was wearing my headlamp (he sometimes uses it for a reading light), and I said “Eric Salahub prepares for his ‘climb’ into bed.” It was dumb, but he laughed really hard, which made me laugh. And when I asked to use the “big rig” to pick Rachel up from the airport, he washed and vacuumed it, made sure there was a full tank of gas, even shined up the dashboard and washed the dog nose prints off the back window. And last night, while I was at dinner with Rachel, he put clean sheets on the bed. He’s my favorite.

image by tungphoto

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