Daily Archives: February 8, 2012

Wishcasting Wednesday

What do you wish to attract?

:: Love and friendship, compassion and wisdom. I want to be surrounded by people who are smart, funny, brave, and kind. Support and companionship.

:: Inspiration and magic, connection to grace. I feel this sometimes when I work, an idea or memory surfaces at exactly the right time and I feel connected to a bigger purpose, understand that I’m not alone.

:: Ease and presence, reminders to slow down and notice. A sunrise, the full moon, a Heron flying low over the length of the river, the sigh of one of my dogs, my husband’s laughter–waking me up and anchoring me to the present moment.

:: A community of readers. This blog isn’t a performance, it’s me sharing my life, but the reality is that if I hope to someday be paid for my art, I need an audience. Underneath that wish is the simple desire to be heard and seen, for acceptance and love.

Update: I can’t believe I forgot to include this, but I also wish that among this community of readers, I also attract a kind and generous publisher, someone who says as my friend once did “I want to read everything you ever write” and is skillful and successful at what they do, who believes in my work wholeheartedly, is wise and brave, and helps me to share my work with the world.

:: The sense of “yes” and “enough,” that fills me with light and helps me release my grasp, relax my grip, let go of poverty mentality. It whispers in my ear that I am on the right path and I am enough, encourages me to be brave and keep going.