Daily Archives: February 15, 2012

Wishcasting Wednesday

image from Jamie's post

What do you wish for the world?

The short answer: more love.

Maybe it’s because yesterday I wrote a post about it, or because I took vows this weekend and have been thinking about how to manifest and embody them, that I keep coming back to love being the answer to every question, the fix for every problem.

More love would:
Feed the hungry.
Feed the hungers that have nothing to do with food.
Quell aggression.
Stop the fighting.
Stop war.
Spread peace.
Heal the global economy.
Lead to a clean, stable, strong environment.
Protect the environment.
Lessen our dependance on a legal system based on laws, punishment, and imprisonment.
Uncover our natural morality and ethical behavior, which doesn’t need a system or authority to tell us what is right, but rather connects to our inherent and shared wisdom and compassion.
Allow for difference, for diversity, generate love and protection for it.
End racism.
Bring about equal rights, for all.
Lead to better, more meaningful education.
Help doctors better understand how to prevent, treat, and heal illness, dis-ease.
Lead to better overall health and wellness.
Mean that everyone had a home, a family.
Recognize that all sentient beings deserve respect, care, love.
Bring joy and contentment.
Make us more mindful.
Shift our perspective to one of wisdom and kindness.
Cause us to slow down and notice, rest.
Generate gratitude and grace.
Provide comfort.
Mend broken hearts.
Break closed hearts wide open, letting in the light.
Free our innate wisdom.
Help us realize our basic goodness.
Enable an enlightened society.
Help us let go of our attachments.
Dissolve ego.
Bring an end to suffering.

So that’s my single wish for the world: more love.

For you, for me, for all of us, all of it: more love.