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Gratitude Friday

cityparksunrise031. The sky in Colorado. It does stuff like the above, all the time and for no special reason, sunrise and sunset and everything in between. This happened the other morning while we were walking Sam at City Park. Luckily Eric had his phone so we could get a picture of it. This is one of the reasons I get up early, leave for a walk while it’s still dark. This.

2. Red Table, my favorite cafe that was scheduled to close for good on December 22nd is not disappearing, just moving. Once a new lease is signed, they’ll announce where to, and there will be dancing in the streets, even if it’s just me, a flash mob of one.

redtableburrito3. Yoga Teacher Training at Om Ananda Yoga, (I’m official, all signed up and ready to go, we start in January) and a new yoga mat from Eric for my birthday. I am so excited to see how this is going to shift my practice, my relationship to my body, my life.

newyearseveyoga4. Birthday wishes. Lots of love there.

5. Guest post request from Rachel. She’s taking a blogging break, so “lined up a few great ‘substitute teachers’,” and asked me to be one of them. I am still working out what I’ll write about, but am so excited for the opportunity, so touched and grateful that she asked.

Bonus Joy: Sam. We have (mostly) decided that rather than get a new dog over Winter Break, we are waiting until Spring Break. *sigh* There are lots of really good reasons, but the most relevant is that Eric and I are still feeling the trauma of losing two dogs in a row to fatal cancers and need a bit more time to work with that before being responsible for another life, before inviting another beast in who will eventually break our hearts. The only issue I have with this decision is it isn’t necessarily the best one for Sam, because he needs another dog. He’s developing fears he never had before (the washing machine, which means the dryer too by default, the vegetable steamer, even the toaster because it sometimes sets off the smoke alarm) and will be much happier, calmer once he has another dude.

Mr. Sam, hiding in his bed because I was doing laundry

Mr. Sam, hiding in his bed because I was doing laundry

Gratitude Friday

1. New opportunities. Journal Your Life, yoga teacher training, shifts in my paid work, developing an ecourse, a home refinance that will allow us to make some renovations, Spring, a new garden, making space, asking for help where I need it.

2. Good dogs. There are just so many. It is the ONLY thing that helps me face losing another one of my good dogs–there will always be another. For example,  Jasper, a schnauzer/lab mix boy that’s about six months old, available for adoption from My Second Home Rescue. Isn’t he cute?


3. Serendipity. The Wabi-Sabi book my friend got me that magically led to the ecourse I’m creating, patiently waiting for me to notice it, to need it, and the magazine about Japan, specifically the issue about Expressing the Spirit of Zen, that Eric brought home from the library for me because he thought I’d like it, which is also helping me develop this ecourse, (teaser, or spoiler alert: Wabi-Sabi Creativity).

4. Sharing a banana with Sam. It’s our morning ritual. My first dog Obi loved bananas too. I especially love the way Sam nudges my hand with his nose while I’m unpeeling the banana, “yes, that, hurry, give me some.”


5. Peach colored sky.

Bonus Joy: Another week with Dexter. It’s so strange to have him still here in Spring, when the grass is turning green and things are starting to bud and bloom. When he was first diagnosed in August, I wasn’t sure if he’d make it to see another snow. This was him this afternoon, having rolled in the grass and trying to convince his dad to throw a tennis ball for him.