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Gratitude Friday

springsky041. Spring weather. The above picture isn’t altered at all. That’s just what the sky looks like here when it’s clear and full strength.

2. An MRI for Sam, scheduled for next week. No matter what we find (or don’t), it will be a better answer than we have now.

3. Walking as a full pack, all four of us together.

waiting to get out of the car for our walk this morning

waiting to get out of the car for our walk this morning

4. Creating yoga vinyasas for yoga teacher training. Yesterday I put together one for heart opening (theme: presence without an agenda), one for hip opening (theme: freedom, release), and one for Grounding and Balance (theme: surrender). Now I just have to work out the kinks, memorize and be able to teach them. *gulp*

5. Getting a “superior” ranking on my annual evaluation at work, for the fourth year in a row.

Bonus Joy: Sam and Ringo playing and hanging out together, which they’ve been able to do a lot more of lately. It’s hard to get a picture of them playing, since they are moving so fast and most of them come out blurry, but here’s a few to prove it.

Gratitude Friday

bluesky1. Spring, warmer weather and blue skies. A dry backyard.

2. Spring Break. I have work to do, but there is a spaciousness about the week that is so nice.

3. Ringo and Sam. They’ve been spending a lot more time together. It makes me so happy to see it.

4. Ringo’s final puppy shots, and his cold being over.

5. New ideas for things I can offer, specifically related to wellness in the workplace.

Bonus Joy:  Laughing with Eric. Last night I was crying, I was laughing so hard.

Gratitude Friday

image by eric

image by eric

1. Dexter. Last night, Ringo was dreaming, growling and barking in his sleep, and he sounded just like Dexter. I had such a strong memory of Dexter, like he was right there, and it made me cry, but I was grateful for it, grateful for Dexter.

sleepyd032. My piece in Fort Collins Magazine. It’s not many words, but they are mine and in print and I got paid for them. Even so, I’d rather be someone who knew nothing about this particular topic.

fortcollinsmagazine3. Ringo’s cold is getting better, never got very bad. In fact, I’d guess that from his perspective there was never anything wrong.

cookieball4. Soft Molasses cookies.

5. The first official sign of spring, yellow crocuses.

Bonus Joy: Sweet Sam. There’s still a chance he might have caught Ringo’s cold, but he seems okay for now. We we laughing last night about how we’d like to trade places with him sometimes. When he gets annoyed with Ringo, tired of him, he goes into the living room where Ringo can’t get to him and takes a nap on the couch. Wish we could do that sometimes, just ignore Ringo, let him be someone else’s problem and take a nap.


Three Truths and One Wish

bigboyharness1. Sometimes having a puppy is boring. You have to watch them constantly when they are awake and loose, and even though they sleep a lot it’s in short bursts so you can’t really get a lot done. You are cautioned by your vet to not take them anywhere until they are 16 weeks and have had all their shots, so even if you cheat on that so you can socialize them, you are more isolated than usual. You get cabin fever, go stir crazy, and this particular puppy came in the middle of winter, so there was even more of that. After weeks and weeks of this, you kinda wish they’d grow up already. They are impossibly cute and loveable and sometimes hilarious when they are small and you know you’ll miss it when they get big, but at the same time they are making you crazy and boring you to tears.

Spend as much as you want on toys, an empty plastic jug wins every time

Spend as much as you want on toys, an empty plastic jug wins every time

Danielle LaPorte posted last week about being so sick she’d had to cancel lots of important things, stuff she’d really wanted to do. She said about it, “Sometimes life will bind you so you can feel how free and loved you are.” I feel the same about this moment in my life, this brief moment that I keep wishing away even as I work so hard to be here, to stay present.

Ringo's first bath

Ringo’s first bath

2. “The days are long, but the years are short.” I’m not sure who to attribute that to, as I’ve seen it assigned various authors. Whoever said it, it’s so true. These puppy days feel like they’ve gone on forever and might never end, but the almost eight years we had with Obi and the barely ten we had with Dexter felt impossibly short. I still have trouble believing they are really gone, struggle to understand how that could even be possible.

theboysbig3. You have to be a particular kind of crazy to raise a dog. It’s so much work and your time with them is so short. And the love sneaks up on you. One day you are fantasizing about running away from home or giving them back, and the next you are hopelessly and irrevocably bonded to them. There’s nothing else in my life I put so much effort toward only to have my heart broken in the end, knowing that’s the only possible outcome.

brothersparttwoOne wish (okay, more like many wishes): To keep my heart open and stay present no matter what arises. To not give up, no matter how hard it gets. To lean into love and joy as an antidote to suffering. To be gentle and forgive myself when I make a mistake. To know I am doing the best I can. To relax and stop trying so hard.

I am wishing the same for you, kind and gentle reader, in whatever way you need that in your life.

Gratitude Friday

1. The wind. Let me explain. Windy is actually one of my least favorite weathers. However, yesterday there was a moment when I was crossing campus and noticed the way the shadows of the bare tree branches danced on the sidewalk and heard the soft whisper of that movement, and I felt so happy, content, and quiet — for a few minutes I was in love with the wind. Then it bit into me with its cold teeth and I was back to wishing it away.

2. Lilies, blooms as big as my head.

lilies3. Walking with sweet Sam. With a new puppy, and the below zero temperatures and snow of late, I had only been getting in a few short afternoon walks with Sam, his dad was getting (having?) to go in the mornings, but this week I got to go on the long morning walk, twice. I love that dog so much, wish he didn’t have to struggle.

4. Ringo, and even his alter ego, Wolverine. Our puppy class trainer the other night reminded us we should never use our dog’s name when we are mad at them or they are getting in trouble, that we want them to only have good associations with their name (helps with recall training). She said she’d gone as far as giving her dog a second name for when she’s getting in trouble. So, I have done the same for Ringo. His second name is Wolverine. And the unintended consequence is that when I remember to use it when I’m mad or he’s being bad (his new trick is chewing on the legs of the dining room table), it totally breaks the tension because I can’t say it without cracking myself up. I laugh instead of killing him. (I wouldn’t actually kill him).

5. Knowing that no matter what I do, things will turn out more or less okay, that I don’t actually have enough power or control to completely ruin anything.

Bonus Joy: A dry backyard. After weeks of being covered in snow, and then melting into a mess of ice and mud, it’s finally usable again. When you have two dogs, one who is only 13 weeks old, it’s kind of a big deal.

Gratitude Friday


image by eric

1. Eric: He gets out more than me lately, takes more pictures. This one has a funny story behind it. When Eric left our house, the sky was the brightest red and he knew it would only last for about 10 minutes, so he ran as fast as he could to the park to try and get a good picture of it, but by the time he and Sam got to the first open field, it had faded to pink. Still a pretty amazing sky, picture if you ask me. Oh, and he also bought me flowers yesterday, not for Valentine’s Day but for being me, for being a good mom to our dogs.

2. Love. Deep and enduring, unshakable. “We’re all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness — and call it love — true love.” ~Robert Fulghum

3. Being a writer. I love it so much. When I’m not writing as much (like recently), the words build up inside of me, my fingers itch and my heart aches, and in my dreams, I’m always writing.

4. My interns at CSU. It’s all the good things about teaching, working with students, without any of the grading or other tedious nonsense.

5. Retirement. I hadn’t had access to my account balance for awhile, set it up to only receive e-documents and then could never figure out how to get into my account. When I finally did, I was so happy to see the amount, so grateful for it.

Bonus Joy: The trainer who stayed after puppy class answering all my questions. All of my dogs have been hard puppies, and a full Blue Heeler is a whole other level of hard. I also seem to have total amnesia when it comes to how this whole puppy thing works, how long it takes for the uber puppy constant attention to be over.

ringoearsBonus, Bonus Joy: Sam. How lazy he is in the morning, how content being walked, fed, and loved. How well he’s made this transition, even though he’s not completely well. How he shifted so easily to not being crated when we aren’t home, mostly just hangs out on the couch and sleeps — we know this because we’ve videoed him a few times to be sure. How good he is playing with Ringo, even though we have to limit how much he does.


I don’t know what to say

sweetsamSad but necessary truth: Sam usually stays in the other half of the house when Ringo is awake with one of us in the kitchen/dining room. We are hoping this is a temporary situation, and even though Sam looks sad in this picture he’s much happier not having to worry about a bitey puppy right now, and he gets so much extra love and attention when Ringo is napping. We hope we can get his “situation” figured out, that he isn’t getting worse as we worry he is, that we can uncover a reason that is treatable, but no matter what happens he is so loved, has the best possible life we can give him. Sweet, sweet Sam.

ringobluebeaverRingo is a working dog. Somehow I’d managed to forget that in the frustration, exhaustion of having a new puppy. Today, when I was trying to unload the dishwasher and he kept getting in the way, into everything, and when I was most frustrated, something shifted and I remembered: he might be a baby, but he already wants to work. So, I gave him something to do. He would get up and stand on the open door of the dishwasher (this is only possible because he’s not much more than 10 pounds right now), and I would get a treat, motion to the floor and say “off.” He loved it.