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I am a woman of 51 years with two places I call home, four dogs (four forever in my heart, but only two of them living), two college degrees, four full-time practices (my heart’s work), at least a thousand favorite books and movies and songs, one husband of 26 years, lots of big dreams and big love, and most importantly — an open heart.

My core values are joy, kindness, curiosity, courage, creativity, mindfulness, and wellness. Gentleness and generosity are my superpowers.

My purpose is to know and love myself, to be a fully realized and embodied me.

My mission is to ease suffering, in myself and the world.

I am a thousand shades of gray.


I lived more than half of my life in the Willamette Valley of Oregon.  I grew up in a small town (835 people then, currently around 2600) named Sublimity, where I was a member of a large farming family, (my mom was the 2nd oldest of 12 kids). That place–its closeness to the ocean, its land and trees, its gray skies and rainy climate, its 37 types of green–set an internal rhythm in me that is like the waves, ebb and flow. Half my heart still lives there, no matter where else I go.

In 1999, my husband Eric (who married me/who I married in 1993) and I moved to Fort Collins, Colorado.  The sun, the 13 kinds of blue in the sky, the Poudre River, and the mountains somehow rhyme with where I came from.
eyeiEight Things about Me:

  1. I am a highly sensitive person, an introvert, an INFJ personality type, a Four on the Enneagram, and a Scorpio. In other words, I’m a passionate mess.
  2. I am an open-hearted warrior practitioner of love, word, yoga, meditation, and dog.
  3. I am a small town girl from the Pacific Northwest, and that will never change.
  4. My favorite place in the whole world is on the beach in Waldport, Oregon during the summer–walking and walking, looking for shells and agates, gazing at the sky and listening to the waves.
  5. Two of my favorite movies are Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Groundhog Day – I value beauty and humor.
  6. My favorite author is Margaret Atwood and my favorite poet is Mary Oliver, but as a bibliophile, I have too many favorite books to even attempt a list.
  7. When I first started, and for years after, I hated teaching, but now I secretly love it.
  8. I started this blog at the end of 2011, along with what I call a “life-rehab.”


More about the most important things:

21 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Vanessa

    Wonderful post. What you say about the self is so true. At our core we are light and love. perfect creations. I loved learning more about you.

  2. Kimberly Burnham, PhD, The Nerve Whisperer

    Hey Jill. I am in the writing class just starting with you. I wanted to connect you with a friend of mine, Ann White. It might be great for you to interview her for your blog and she interview you for her blog or radio show. Sharing each other with your readers / listeners. Here is her book The Sacred Art of Dog Walking and her reading her chapter in Pebbles in the Pond, Transforming the World One Person at a Time. http://www.amazon.ca/The-Sacred-Art-Dog-Walking/dp/146990960X

  3. inspectorvirgo

    I stumbled across your blog and it’s very refreshing and just what I needed! You’re a warrior woman! I live in CO, too!

    Love and light,

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  5. Patricia Flasch

    Hi Jill – we met at Laurie Wagner’s writing class at 27 powers last fall – and I’ve been following you on FB – but today I finally had time to go into your blog and got goose bumps – your writing
    brings me to my knees! All honor to you, sweet woman!

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  7. shakirajohnson

    What a beautiful blog. I can feel the love and peace that you feel in your life; it radiates through your writing. Writing about self-discovery or, in your case, life-rehab, is a difficult process. I am currently keeping my own self-enlightenment blog in which I am addressing some huge doubts and questions I have in my life. My blog is called Channeling the Feminine Divine; it is my personal journey to find the divinity within myself and my connection to Her. I am writing about my background with the religious denomination in which I associate and how I am reconciling my recent revelations that seemingly contradict some of the culture I have dwelt in for my whole life. Writing down all of my thoughts and feelings have been liberating.
    My question for you is simple enough, I think: how do you publicize your blog? What effect has that had on your writing? Does having a large audience change affect the way in which you approach your personal discoveries and life-rehab?
    I am looking forward to meeting you in class on Friday. Thank you for taking the time to come speak with us.

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