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Jill SalahubI am a contemplative practice guide specializing in creativity, writing as practice, yoga asana, and meditation. I hold space for people cultivating a foundation of a stable mind and embodied compassion with the intention of serving the community and working towards social justice and liberation for all. May the merit of our practice together ease suffering, in ourselves and in the world.

Up until May 2019, I was the Communications Coordinator for the English department at Colorado State University (CSU), where I worked since 2000. I was in charge of all our department’s social media, blog content, and various other department communications. Typically, I had two or three student interns working with me each semester. When I was also teaching, I taught CO302: Writing Online, CO150: College Composition, and CO300: Writing Argument. My academic special interests included computers and composition, professional development opportunities for faculty, the use of technology and hypertext/hypermedia in the classroom, multiliteracies in composition, creative nonfiction writing, and writing for the Web.

I received an M.A. in English: Communication Development from CSU, having been granted distinction for my thesis, a hypertext written in 2001-2002 entitled “Fear, Happiness and the American Way: The Difficulty of a Simple Life,” (which was unofficially the first hypertext thesis at CSU, unofficial because the graduate school made me turn in a paper copy–what was up with that?!). I have learned a lot since then, first working for six years as the Editor/Lead Programmer for the Writing Studio, and then going on to create various English department project and program websites.

12 thoughts on “Work Jill

    1. jillsalahub Post author

      How funny! Don’t you just love it here? I’ve been here for about 15 years and the beauty of the land still amazes me. I see you are a Brene’ Brown fan too. Did you see her when she was at the Tattered Cover a few weeks ago? I did a two day workshop with her in Boulder earlier this year and it was fantastic!

      1. Lissa @ lafcustomdesigns

        I did not see Brene. How fun that must have been to work with her. BTW, I rarely go back to blogs to see replies on the blog owner’s blog. Would love to connect, maybe you could email me and we could work out a photo shoot or just a walk-about in this lovely land of ours. Thanks for your comments. ;->

  1. jacquelineschoonheim

    What à talented and accomplished person you are. I admire you for the many things you can do (like making websites and having social media know-how, making and placing beautiful images, following you hunches and inspiration) and thank you for the example you are of a giving and open person. How do find the time to do all you do? And how do you keep your focus?

    1. jillsalahub Post author

      Thank you! How do I find the time? I get up at 4:30 am every morning, I don’t have kids, I don’t socialize much (which is okay because I’m an introvert), I only do the very few things that are most important to me, I have a supportive partner who helps, and I also do too much, try too hard, which isn’t the best approach. How do I keep my focus? I am driven by longing, almost obsessed, haunted by it.

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  3. Woodswoman

    Dear Jill:

    Interesting. I came to your site through Mary M, who lived in Fort Collins and now in Oregon. I too have an M.A. in Communication Development from CSU, though I dragged my feet for so long re the thesis and the CD program hasn’t been in existence for a long time. But I defended and was granted the M.A. in May of 2014. We might have some things in common beyond those. Perhaps we’ll meet at some point. My site is Thanks for the great “Something Good” post. I’ve re-posted it on FB.

  4. Grace Lawrene

    How fun ~ I just stumbled upon your site ( actually through the portal of Rachel Cole’s site ) . Your stories of your Dog-Mom self brought me to tears. I love how you list all those
    pieces that have been and are part and parcel of your journey …. I have been exploring and have signed up for your blogs, etc. Blessings on your journey and all who pass through and drink from your well ~ Grace


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