1. Morning walks. This time of year I start to revisit places we haven’t walked in a while, as we are avoiding the ticks and mosquitoes by the river. There’s a short trail through a small natural area close by, Puente Verde (which means “green bridge”). It’s 37 acres that used to be an agricultural site with a single tree and a green bridge. One of my favorite things about Fort Collins is they do make a real effort to maintain pockets of green space all through town and we also have a really great trail system. There’s also a baby cow at The Farm that we got to visit this week.

2. Practice. The past few weeks have been rough — people I love dealing with physical and mental illnesses, household and material upsets that have to be dealt with, medical procedures and conditions that aren’t any fun, temporarily being off HRT which means all my symptoms are back until further notice, and disappointing shifts in friendships. Practice means that even when things are difficult, I have a way to be with it without losing myself.

3. Spring. So green, so much in bloom. I’ve been slowly weeding patches that need it, spending just enough time to feel like I accomplished something but not so much that I’m sore and irritated by the process. We are going to put our garden in this weekend. I want tomatoes and cucumbers for sure, and would like some zucchini, basil, watermelon, pumpkins, and more strawberries too. I also would like some columbine, Colorado bee plants, marigolds, tulip and daffodil bulbs, peony poppies, and a yellow peony in memory of Rita. Eventually I’d also like a redbud and peach tree and more lilacs along the back fence. I would also like to request that the grasshopper population of the past few years simmer down.

4. Small group training with Shelby and the gang. I was able to start back this week, just being careful and not lifting too much weight. That along with the pool and going back to yoga on Sunday mornings with Jamie has been really lovely. I’m am so grateful for what my body can do, how forgiving it can be.

5. My tiny family, tiny home, tiny life. Eric finally wrapped up the semester and gets to take some time off now. With him home today and everything I’d normally do on a Monday cancelled because of the holiday, it’s practically a four day weekend.

Bonus joy: getting my new phone activated and playing with my new camera, how Ringo has been helping me keep the squirrels away from the bird feeder, Dr. Gaffney squeezing us in yesterday morning, tickets to a comedy show, planting seeds, hanging out and texting with Chloe’, Leslie coming to aqua aerobics, poetry, my office being cleaned up, the hydromassage chair, the sauna, making each other laugh, texting with Mom and Chris, naps, almost anything fresh baked, tacos, a crispy gala apple with some peanut butter, chips and dip, a warm shower, that corner of the couch, down blankets and pillows, blackout curtains, other people’s gardens and dogs, reading in bed at night while Eric and Ringo sleep.

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