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Something Good

Image by Eric

1. The Roots of Things from Jami Attenberg. In related news, For this poet, working on her garden is exploring history, race and sustainability, (“Poet Camille Dungy made her lawn into an eco-friendly pollinator’s paradise of native plants. Her memoir links diversifying the landscape and diversifying the voices who write about the natural world”), and Blooming How She Must: A Profile of Camille T. Dungy, and Soil Book Review, (“In her radical and vibrant memoir, Camille Dungy plants poems next to critical analysis next to environmental history next to African American history”).

2. The PEN Ten, PEN America’s weekly interview series. 10 questions asked of one writer a week. “PEN America stands at the intersection of literature and human rights to protect free expression in the United States and worldwide. We champion the freedom to write, recognizing the power of the word to transform the world. Our mission is to unite writers and their allies to celebrate creative expression and defend the liberties that make it possible.”

3. Let Your Heart Be Broken“We spend our lives trying to anchor our transience in some illusion of permanence and stability. We lay plans, we make vows, we backbone the flow of uncertainty with habits and routines that lull us with the comforting dream of predictability and control, only to find ourselves again and again bent at the knees with surrender to forces and events vastly larger than us. In those moments, kneeling in a pool of the unknown, the heart breaks open and allows life — life itself, not the simulacrum of life that comes from control — to rush in.”

4. What Thieves Are Not Interested In from Robert Jones, Jr.

5. Why the Bud Light boycott represents a new phase in anti-brand protests“The boycott has quickly morphed into a promotional event for ‘anti-woke’ brands.”

6. Kindergarten children dropped seeds in the crack of the sidewalk to see what would happen.

7. The One You Feed | Practical Wisdom for a Better Life: How to Embrace Life’s Paradoxes with Rosemerry Wahtola-Trommer(podcast)

8. The Best Things I’ve Done to Cope With Anxiety.

9. 7 Simple Ways to Be Kinder to Yourself.

10. Creating a Culture of Slow: 8 Ways to Transform the Pace of your Home.

11. Study Tests the Validity of Weight Loss Research Claims from Ragen Chastain. 

12. Social Media Report Card: Time To ReSkeet the Blooski, Apparently? from Chuck Wendig on Terrible Minds.

13. An Unwitting Consumer Finds Himself Out of His Depth in the Stop-Motion Animation ‘Five Cents’.

14. The Banana Diaries: Easy Vegan Recipes.

15. Love the child you have from Jena Schwartz.

16. Creative Peptalk 407 – Hit Creative Block Waiting for All The Answers? Listen to This Chat with Poet Maggie Smith(podcast) “In this episode we will explore a different way to approach creative work, that by its very nature allows for creating in the space where yourself still confused and Maggie also delivers a creative career prompt at the end that is very useful for finding new opportunities to do more of what you do best!”

17. How to Have the Fat Talk“Virginia Sole-Smith on the War on Juice, How Puberty Got So Anti-Fat, and Parental Terror.”

18. How to Be a Mindful Bodhisattva on Lion’s Roar. “Mindfulness is more than just a meditation practice. Mindfulness is life, and life is love. That’s why it’s the whole path of the bodhisattva, says Zen teacher Norman Fischer.”

19. The truth of where you are now.

20. Colorado governor signs 4 gun control bills.

21. “Swedish Death Cleaning” comes to life in new series. What is it?

22. Comedian Matt Rife on Not Being Hot and Wearing Socks With Flip-Flops“The popular performer opens up about his international tour, stage style, biggest insecurities, and more.”

23. No, Really, I’m Awful“In John Mulaney’s new Netflix special, Baby J, the comedian brilliantly destroys his likable persona.”

24. My Husband Asked for a Divorce After His Dementia Diagnosis.

25. Ceramic ‘Curiosity Clouds’ by Manifesto Celebrate the Natural World in Functional Organic Forms.

26. Absolutely stunning dresses and corsets inspired by butterfly wings, designed by Bibian Blue.

27. Proof of Lifea new album from Joy Oladokun. In related news, Fuse, the new album from Everything But The Girl.