Something Good

Image by Eric

1. This Too Shall Pass from Jena Schwartz. “Nothing lasts forever but the love that is our essence. In life, this love might take the form of fire or water, softness or power, creation or destruction, or more likely, all of the above according to the season and chapter. Remembering this helps me keep an even keel when the waters around me rise and fall, when circumstances challenge me, and especially when I feel unequipped to meet the moment.”

2. More is More from Seth Godin.

3. Stop Cop City resources from Community Movement Builders and Stop Cop City Solidarity

4. ‘Depression Rooms’ and ‘Doom Piles’: Why Clearing the Clutter Can Feel Impossible on The New York Times. “The link between messiness and mental health is real. These low-lift tips for keeping a clean-enough home will help.”

5. 5 Places To Sell Your Used Clothing And Accessories Online.

6. 3 Compelling Reasons to Schedule More Nothing from Courtney Carver on Be More With Less.

7. Sleep, creep, leap from Austin Kleon.

8. Pep Talk: On Writing Habits (& Letting Go of Guilt) from Maggie Smith.

9. Why We Don’t Use Social Media from Lindsey Smith and Alexandra Franzen, Co-founders of Get It Done.

10. Giving Aid Is Society’s Last Chance from Frederick Joseph. “Reflecting on philanthropy being more vital than ever.”

11. Activist Micro Action Dispatch from Omkari Williams. “This week’s 10 minute task: Let’s Get Moving on Climate Action.”

12. Pema Chödrön‘s Six Kinds of Loneliness on Lion’s Roar. “Usually we regard loneliness as an enemy. Heartache is not something we choose to invite in. It’s restless and pregnant and hot with the desire to escape and find something or someone to keep us company. When we can rest in the middle, we begin to have a nonthreatening relationship with loneliness, a relaxing and cooling loneliness that completely turns our usual fearful patterns upside down. There are six ways of describing this kind of cool loneliness. They are: less desire, contentment, avoiding unnecessary activity, complete discipline, not wandering in the world of desire, and not seeking security from one’s discursive thoughts.”

13. Poems from Rosemerry Wathola Trommer: Yin and After the Moon Knocked.

14. Ready for Swedish Death Cleaning? from Danny Gregory.

15. One Stubborn Layer at a Time a poem from Julia Fehrenbacher on Instagram.

16. No one heals alone: Finding a therapist.

17. How to Prioritize Your Own Needs as a Sensitive, People-Pleasing Introvert. In related news, Tired? How to Get Out of ‘Energy Debt’ as an Introvert.

18. Movies I want to see: Theater Kids (trailer), and Next Goal Wins (trailer), and Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret review – Judy Blume adaptation is a winner.

19. Recipes I want to try: Potato Chip Crispy Treats, and Rhubarb Compote Squares, and Rhubarb Scones. In related news, How to Grow Rhubarb.

20. Alison Bechdel’s Legendary Comic Dykes to Watch Out For Comes to Audible With All-Star CastIn related news, Roxane Gay, Carrie Brownstein, Roberta Colindrez, Jane Lynch To Star in Audible Adaptation of Dykes To Watch Out For.

21. That’s the Funny Thing About Grief on The New York Times.

22. Han Caoa fiber artist on Instagram.

23. Andrea NelsonWatercolor artist and maker of things on Instagram. I love her tutorials.

24. Brendon Burton Captures Moments of Nostalgia and Wonder in North America’s Most Isolated Places.

25. Through Lush Aerial Photos, Pham Huy Trung Documents the Rich Textures and Colors of Vietnam’s Agriculture.

26. 33 Life-Saving Tips To Remember In Times Of Crisis, According To Folks Online.


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