1. Fall color. There’s all kinds of talk this time of year about going up into the mountains to see the aspens turn colors, and I agree, they are gorgeous. And yet, I don’t feel the need to travel to see the beautiful color because the cottonwoods and ash trees right in my own neighborhood are glorious.

2. Morning walks. I took so many pictures this week that I’m only sharing my most favorite ones here, and it’s still about 100 pictures. It’s just so pretty out right now. It has been taking Ringo and I two hours to walk the same routes that were taking an hour and a half because I stop so much. He doesn’t seem to mind, as long as I don’t make him be in the picture all the time.

3. The internet. When it works, the access it gives me is essential, especially as a highly sensitive introvert who spends a lot of time alone, a lot of time at home, communicates more effectively through writing, and dislikes talking on the phone. I recognize that it is also fraught with a tinge of the awful too, as those with bad intentions have the same access I do, but I’d say it’s mostly good and I am grateful for it.

4. Flowers. This has been a lifelong love of mine, (maybe an obsession?). I didn’t have many in the house over the summer, which is unusual for me, so I was so happy Eric brought some home for me this week.

5. My tiny family, tiny house, tiny life. I feel a bit like I’ve earned but also just lucky and so grateful.

Bonus joy: constant streaming access to all the content (TV, movies, videos, pictures, music, books, articles, yoga classes, guided meditations, and podcasts), other people’s dogs, other people’s kids and babies, strawberries, green tea, hanging out with Mikalina, texting with Chloe’, writing with my Wild Writing group, meeting new people, the hydromassage chair, the pool, the sauna, small group training with Shelby and the gang, making each other laugh, playing the same song on repeat because I love it so much, that corner of the couch, hoodies and wool socks, down pillows and blankets, my weighted blanket, cuddling with Ringo, “singing” with Ringo, clean sheets, laundry, grocery shopping, being able to rest, reading in bed at night while Ringo and Eric sleep.

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