1. Morning walks. We made it out a bit earlier this week but were still about 15 minutes too late most days to be on the trail as the sun was rising, so next week — even earlier! I am so grateful to live where we do, so close to so many trails and bodies of water. Ringo needed a break from his harness so we’ve been walking him on a collar, and I can really tell how much more mature he is, how much more he trusts me, because all it takes is a tiny shift in the way I’m walking or holding the leash and he shifts and is right there with me, and most of the time I hardly even have to hold on to stay connected — that may just be a metaphor for our relationship.

2. Raintree Athletic Club. I love the space, the pool, the classes, the sauna, the hydromassage chair, the people.

3. Reading. You know how some people talk about their “TBR pile” (“to be read”)? I have many throughout my house, along with bookshelves and a Kindle full of books I want to read. It has been the love of my life for almost my whole life. It’s never left me and my love has never faded, only grown.

4. Retreat. Calyx and I are starting a retreat together later today. We came up with a schedule, time to practice together and on our own, made a commitment to give ourselves the time and each other the support. We’ll go through Wednesday and I am really looking forward to it. When I was making art with my friend Janice this week, I made this collage in honor of the plan.

5. My tiny family, tiny home, tiny life. I had a moment this week where I allowed myself to think about what my life would be like if something happened to Eric. I do not want to go to there, even though at some point I will (or he will). May we have many, many more good years together and an easy death.

Bonus joy: good music, listening to podcasts, naps, good books, good TV, true crime, writing, strawberries, raspberries, tulips in bloom, lemon yogurt covered almonds, caramel, taco salad, the internet (the way it connects me with people and information and content), dogs, a big glass of cold clean water, a warm shower, my weighted blanket, therapy, massage, other people’s kindness, laughing, hugs, reading in bed at night while Eric and Ringo sleep.

I'd love to hear what you think, kind and gentle reader.

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