Gratitude Friday

1. Morning walks. I’m realizing that walks with Ringo may just be the only thing that has stayed the same (minus Sam), even with a global pandemic, climate crisis, downfall of civilization. Amidst all the nonsense and chaos, here at the end of the world, in the middle of nowhere, there’s still the dog and the walk and the river.

2. Practice, alone and together. It sustains me, supports me, saves me. On a practical level, it gives me something to do, every single day, is constant and consistent, something I know and can trust.

3. Vaccines. In particular for the one for COVID-19, and that people I love and those who have worked so hard to care for the rest of us through this will be protected, as much as they can be.

4. Comfort. Blooms inside, art card mail, tiny marshmallows in my coffee in my favorite mug, kitchen counter love notes — all proof that people love me, that I’m not alone.

5. My tiny family, my tiny house, my tiny life. They are my favorite.

Bonus joy: naps, cookies, clementines, drive through pharmacy, pay day, laundry, clean sheets, a warm shower, a big glass of cold clean water, down blankets and pillows, snow, birds at the feeder and singing in the nearby trees, deer tracks in the fresh snow (I don’t know why but it makes me ridiculously happy that they are out there in the dark just walking down the sidewalk), sleepy Ringo, “singing” with Ringo, Parkour Ringo, the pool, sitting in the sauna with Eric, my masseuse Dana, snow shovels, the four dogs that live across the street, texting with my mom and brother and Chloe’, writing and hanging out with Mikalina, Wild Writing and my Friday morning writing sangha, comedy shows, streaming online yoga classes, having all the props so I can take a restorative class with one of my favorite teachers online from home.

I'd love to hear what you think, kind and gentle reader.

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