Daily Archives: August 24, 2020

Something Good

1. Remember who you are from Alexandra Franzen.

2. A Call to Awareness for White Buddhists on Lion’s Roar. “‘At times like these,’ says Ayesha Ali, ‘white people, and white institutions, reach out to Black people they barely know or have forgotten about.’ She asks white practitioners to reach inside instead and examine their own life and privilege.”

3. Ask the Teachers: What is the Buddhist view of hope?, also on Lion’s Roar. “Oren Jay Sofer, Sister Clear Grace, and Ayya Yeshe look at the meaning of hope in Buddhism and what it means in today’s world.”

4. Artist Who Made People Cry With Her Grim Reaper Animal Comics Is Back, And This Time It’s About Seeing Your Dog Being Put To Sleep. This includes the comic and an interview with the artist.

5. Staying Connected to Meaning in Your Work on Zen Habits.

6. 22 of the Best Reading Nooks to Escape Into.

7. What to Pack in Your Emergency Bag — With COVID-19 in Mind.

8. Why Ritual May Be an Introvert’s Most Important Form of Self-Care.

9. Almazan Kitchen on YouTube. There is something really soothing about these videos. “We are the first channel in the world that cooks all dishes on fire in the wild forest using organic homemade ingredients! The surroundings of our kitchen will relax you while the food that we make brings you the ultimate foodporn experience!”

10. Artist Amy Sherald, Who Made Michelle Obama’s Official Portrait, Commemorates Breonna Taylor.

11. House Approves Bill That Blocks Changes At Postal Service Until After The Election.

12. Melania Trump’s changes to the White House Rose Garden, explained. In related news, Trump Administration Finalizes Plan to Open Arctic Refuge to Drilling.

13. Twitter Freaks After White House Says Trump Might Not Accept Election Results. Here’s the thing, and I’ve said this before, the only way this will happen (a facist dictatorship in this case) is if we let him. He’s ONE person among millions and can only stage some kind of coup with help, can only do harm if he is enabled, allowed by others.

14. 4 reasons you shouldn’t trash your neck gaiter based on the new mask study.

15. These lifelong Republicans explain why they’re voting against Trump in the 2020 election. (video)

16. 4 changes doctors have made to better treat Covid-19 patients. In related news, UNC-Chapel Hill pivots to remote teaching after coronavirus spreads among students during first week of class.

17. Michelle Obama’s superpower is her ability to connect. Watch Michelle Obama’s Full Speech At The 2020 DNC (video), or here’s the transcript if you’d rather read it. In related news, Following Michelle Obama’s rebuke, Trump tries, fails to respond.

18. ON THE ROCKS Trailer (2020) Bill Murray, Rashida Jones Movie. (video) “Lost in Translation” is one of my favorite movies, so I’m looking forward to this one.

19. “i am stretched on your grave” (traditional) performed by Antje Duvekot. (video)

20. Insect Flower Arrangements by Raku Inoue.

21. These Adorable Rats Create Miniature Paintings And Their Work Is Sold Out.

22. Mom acts like a toddler then captures her two-year-old’s adorable reactions. (video) I love what this shows about how this little girl is being parented, although a bit of it is probably just her nature.