Something Good

1. Wild Writing Family with my dear friend and beloved teacher Laurie Wagner. “Over the course of our time together you will deepen your writing practice, becoming a better writer – someone who is more free on the page, and who is grounded in the sound of their own voice. You’ll be tethered to a practice that invites you to unmask yourself, tell the truth about your experiences – how you feel and what you’re longing for. Your Wild Writing pieces may get turned into poems, essays or blog posts – pieces you can share with your community. You’ll receive over 10 poems a month, you’ll get real time with me, as well as stay connected to our rich Wild Writing Facebook group.”

2. If you are having trouble reading… from Austin Kleon.

3. Sara Bareilles – A Safe Place to Land (Live at the Village) ft. John Legend. (video) So many songs take on a whole new meaning in light of COVID-19, and this is one of them.

4. How to Grow Your Own Produce From Kitchen Scraps. In related news, The 10 rules for freezing food.

5. ‘It Seemed Apocalyptic’ 40 Years Ago When Mount St. Helens Erupted. We lived in Oregon, and I can remember our cars getting covered in ash from the eruption.

6. Deer enjoy Japan’s cherry blossoms. (video)

7. Tatum the talking dog on Instagram is my favorite thing on the internet right now.

8. Ten practices for the liminal space. “How do we stay in this waiting place, when there is still so much we don’t know about what’s on the other side? How do we maintain our sense of well-being and not spiral into despair and fear when we don’t yet know when we can see our loved ones, gather with our communities, or send our kids back to school? Here are some of my thoughts about ways to sustain ourselves in the midst of liminal space.”

9. Ordering delivery? Here’s 6 tips on how to avoid coronavirus. (video)

10. Misinformation has consequences. In a pandemic, those consequences can be deadly. In related news, Colorado suspends license of Castle Rock restaurant that defied coronavirus public health order.

2 thoughts on “Something Good

  1. Heather Davidson

    Hi Jill, I’ve been following your posts for many years.i share your love of dogs, writing, meditation, walking. Wish I had an Eric in my life 😊❤️. Wanted pass on another hilarious talking dog – Pluto


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