Daily Archives: November 8, 2019

Gratitude Friday

1. Morning walks. With Daylight Savings Time, we are actually doing part of the walk as the sun rises. I know it will only last for another week or two before it’s dark again, but I’m enjoying it for now. This morning we saw the big buck and two bald eagles, and Ringo wants you to know he almost got a cat and got to carry a stick for a bit.

2. A day “off” after a week with a lot of people-ing. This week was packed with dates and appointments and phone calls that needed to be made. For an introverted hsp, that’s exhausting, so I’m happy that today walking the dogs, doing the laundry, maybe making some muffins, and writing this blog post is all that’s on my schedule.

3. Kitchen counter love notes. Hopefully Eric and I can hang out and rest this weekend, as he’s had a busy week too.

4. Good friends. I have three in particular that I see regularly. They are smart, funny, kind, creative women always down to spend some time writing together, going to a movie, or just hanging out talking about everything and nothing.

5. My tiny family. In a few weeks, Ringo will turn six years old, and a month later, Sam will officially be ten and well on his way to being our oldest dog yet. Being able to spend more time with them is one of the best things about being “retired.”

Bonus joy: even though my washing machine randomly beeps while it cycles and that can be super annoying it still works, breakfast burritos, a super soft sweatshirt my brother bought me for Christmas one year paired with a super soft pair of pj pants my aunt bought me another Christmas making the perfect stay at home on a cold day uniform, even though I’d read lots of criticism about this season of Great British Baking Show we enjoyed it just as much as always, good books (I finished Maya Angelou’s autobiographies and now I’m reading James Baldwin’s Giovanni’s Room), good TV (even though there are many things that are irritating about it, HGTV’s House Hunters series is a relief to watch when things get too complicated), good movies (went to see Harriet yesterday and now I want to know everything there is to know about Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad), sunshine, sitting under my infrared heating pad and my favorite blankets after a long walk with the dogs.