Something Good

Pie chart

Eric posted this picture collage on Facebook last night and captioned it, “Pie Chart.” It was delicious.

1. Me And White Supremacy – The Workbook. “Part education, part activation, the Me And White Supremacy Workbook is a first-of-its-kind personal anti-racism tool for people holding white privilege to begin to examine and dismantle their complicity in the oppressive system of white supremacy.” Seriously, just download it.

2. 4 Ways to Find More Peace Around Difficult People.

3. Are you being gaslit? Here are some things people do when they are gaslighting you.

4. The Art of Activism: Hard Conversations Book Club 2019. A reading list worth considering.

5. 16 Signs You’re An INFJ, The World’s Rarest Personality Type. In related news, 6 Things You May Not Know About Introverts, Illustrated, and You’re Not Crazy, You’re A Highly Sensitive Person.

6. 100 questions to spark conversation & connection. I’ve shared this before, but it’s so good it’s worth sharing again and again.

7. When, if ever, is it okay for a Buddhist to euthanize a pet? on Lion’s Roar.

8. How to Be an Artist. “33 rules to take you from clueless amateur to generational talent (or at least help you live life a little more creatively).”

9. Worst Holiday Diet Tips Ever from Dances with Fat.

10. Good Reads: Small Space Style from SF Girl. My dream is enough property to have this in my backyard. Actually, what would be the best is a converted barn: ground floor yoga studio, upstairs private office, practice space, potential spare bedroom, and a bathroom.

11. ‘I’m Broke and Mostly Friendless, and I’ve Wasted My Whole Life’ on Ask Polly.

12. Please stop telling me to leave my comfort zone. “Our comfort zones are there to protect us, even if productivity specialists say otherwise.”

13. Sacred Bow: An Intentional Way to Close Out the Year & Start the New Year on Zen Habits.

14. First The Why, Now The How: 25 Ways To Keep Making Stuff from Chuck Wendig on Terrible Minds.

15. Taking Pics Of Fat People On Planes on Dances with Fat. In related news, To the newspaper that encouraged “discreetly” photographing fat airline passengers, “USA Today Travel released a video instructing passengers to post photographs to social media if they felt their space was invaded. One fat passenger responds.”

16. An Intentional System for Working with Goals on Zen Habits.

17. Winter Joy Retreat 2018: “Threads.” “Remember what makes you come alive to start 2019 filled with new energy and focused on creating what matters. (A two-week online writing group for women, Dec. 3-16, 2018).”

18. Gifts For Writers 2018 from Chuck Wendig on Terrible Minds.

19. Black Boy Fly: 53 Children’s Books Centering and Celebrating the Humanity of Black Boys.

20. Stunning images of pagan costumes worn at winter celebrations around the world.

21. N.K. Jemisin Is Trying to Keep the World From Ending. “The most critically acclaimed author in contemporary science fiction and fantasy made history this year. Now she’s trying to make the future.”

22. Full Interview: Michelle Obama Talks To Stephen Colbert. (video)

23. For these female prisoners, dance is an emotional outlet and a means of expression. (video)

24. A garbage man saved 25,000 books and turned them into a library. The pictures are amazing.

25. Researchers Find That Losing A Dog Can Be As Hard As Losing A Loved One. I could have saved them a lot of work. All they had to do is ask me.

26. The way Gina Yashere handled this case of everyday racism is brilliant. (video)

27. Meet entrepreneur and farmer Suzan, who uses her allotment of land to grow products that contribute to the local economy in Uganda. (video)

28. This 9-year-old pro skater is traveling the globe to help underprivileged kids. (video)

29. He can’t go to sleep without cuddling his favourite toy. (video)

30. This Indian village has found a unique way to protect newborn girls from infanticide. (video)

31. Jameela Jamil says cultural pressures to look a certain way led to an eating disorder in her teens. (video)

32. This guy has the funniest relationship with his dog. (video)

33. Remembering the Howard University Librarian Who Decolonized the Way Books Were Catalogued. “Dorothy Porter challenged the racial bias in the Dewey Decimal System, putting black scholars alongside white colleagues.”

34. Magnitude 7.0 Earthquake Shakes Alaska, Damaging Roads, Buildings. Yikes!

35. Everybody Dance Now! (video)

36. It’s Not Just Grain-Free: An Update on Diet-Associated Dilated Cardiomyopathy.

37. NRA Reports $55 Million Loss With Membership Declines.

38. How dealing with past trauma may be the key to breaking addiction.

39. Black women are 243% more likely to die from pregnancy or childbirth-related complications than white women — this father brought his heartbreaking story to Congress to change that. (video)

40. A pod of beluga whales has adopted a lost narwhal. (video)

41. This Video of a Guy Accidentally Hang Gliding Without a Harness Is Pure Terror. Reason #43 why I will never hanglide, bungie jump, or skydive.

42. 12 Things to Look Forward to If You Ever Appear on ‘House Hunters.’ I know it’s fake, but I’m still gonna watch it.

43. Japan has so many empty homes, they’re just giving ’em away for free. (video)

44. A 60-year-old woman sent a rap about her dog to this guy to be performed, and it’s got me right in the feels. (video) Consider yourself warned.

45. It’s Time To Unpack White Fragility. (video) “Dr. Robin DiAngelo has spent 20 years running diversity trainings within companies in the US. She’s heard every excuse from white people: that they’re ‘color blind’ or that their ‘best friend is black.’ Surely they aren’t racists. Why are white people so bad at talking about race?”

46. Slowly but surely, the Amazon Prime backlash is coming.

47. Whoever made Baby Shark into a slow jam needs to be arrested. (video)

48. This is “the yoga school for big people.” (video)

49. In this week’s edition of People Behaving Badly: Boston Police Has a Secret Point System That Turns Normal Teenage Behavior Into Gang Membership, and A Famous Alpha Wolf’s Daughter, Spitfire, Is Killed by a Hunter, and Utah Man Allegedly Shouted ‘I Hate Mexicans’ Before Attacking Latino Father And Son, and Black Man Handcuffed While Police Searched His Bags After Being Falsely Accused Of Stealing From Finish Line, and Security Called on Black VCU Professor Eating Breakfast In Her Classroom, and St. Louis Cops Giddily Planned to Beat Protesters but Unwittingly Beat an Undercover Cop. Now They’re Indicted, and Amber Guyger has been indicted for murder after the Botham Jean shooting, and Black Panthers mural in Los Angeles defaced with swastikas, and Chick-fil-A Still Hates Gay People, But Doesn’t Want To Be Labeled ‘Anti-Gay’ Anymore, and Kevin Hart Lashes Out At Critics of His Son’s ‘Cowboys And Indians’ Birthday Party, and Jewish professor finds swastikas spray-painted on her office walls at Columbia’s Teachers College, and Outrageous Gold Rush-Style Grab of Public Lands to Begin Friday, and Trans Woman Was Beaten in ICE Custody Before Death, Autopsy Finds, and White Nationalist Accused of Driving His Car Into a Crowd and Killing Heather Heyer Claims It Was Self-Defense, and Former Florida Police Chief Who Framed Black Teen and Multiple Black Men Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison, and Nooses Hung At Mississippi State Capitol Just Before Runoff Election.

2 thoughts on “Something Good

    1. jillsalahub Post author

      Thank you so much for saying so, Lily. When I put it together this morning, I thought to myself, as I often do, “I wonder if these are really worth putting so much effort into?” Your comment was my answer. ❤


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