Something Good

1. This amazing parkour teacher is giving both confidence and hope to street kids in Manila. (video)

2. Competitive Cheerleader and team USA Gymnast Angel Rice most known for breaking Guinness World record for the most double full twists, gets 1st place in Regionals in Daytona Beach. (video) I get dizzy just watching her!

3. Maxine Waters could be a serious problem for Trump if Democrats win the House.

4. We need to do better, do the work, because this nonsense keeps happening: California Prosecutor Wonders Why ‘Ghetto’ Maxine Waters Hasn’t Been Shot, and Gang of White Thugs Hurl Slurs at Black Mom, Smash Her Car Window, Yet Somehow No One Went to Jail or Even Had a Damn Mugshot Taken, and Latest ICE Data Details Increasingly Indiscriminate Arrests, and Vermont woman shown on video cutting cop’s throat with knife acquitted of attempted murder, and Adam Bloom doesn’t get it and his apology is bullshit (video), (if you don’t know who Adam Bloom is or what he did, watch this video), and Customs agents reportedly deleted records that could have been used to reunite hundreds of immigrant families, and This White Woman Probably Regrets Calling The Police On A Black Couple For Wearing Socks At The Pool, and Purdue Professor Proudly Posts Photo in Blackface But Faces No Consequences Because of Free ‘Speech’, and White Ohio family that called 911 on black boy mowing lawn calls police on him again July 4, and A drunk neighbor verbally attacked a Hispanic family over their music on Fourth of July (video), and Suspect In Charlottesville Car Attack Pleads Not Guilty To Hate Crimes Charges, and A migrant child was returned to his mother covered in lice, according to a new lawsuit, and Man Calls Skateboarding Teen ‘Mexican Piece Of S**t,’ Admits He’s Being Racist, and A Day After Report, Violent White Supremacist Loses Job With Defense Contractor, and This mother was separated from her children and detained more than 2,000 miles away — so volunteers banded together and drove cross-country to reunite them (video), and White Driver Who Fatally Struck Black Man, Called Him Racial Slur After Death, Cleared of All Fault in Collision, and President Trump attacked Sen. Elizabeth Warren with a racist joke that culminated with a punchline about sexual assault, and Racist idiot cuts in line in front of Arab American woman at supemarket, then tells her, “go back to your country” (video), and A tearful reunion for this mother and her 8-year-old daughter who were separated for 55 days after crossing the US border because they were fleeing Guatemala (video), and Police arrested a woman in NY for going on an aggressive, racist, anti-immigrant tirade on a bus (video), and ‘Newport Nancy’ Called The Cops On Her Black Neighbor For Smoking A Cigarette In The Parking Lot, and The way this couple reacted to this petty Patty on the shuttle bus is hilarious (video), and South Carolina police object to high-school reading list, and Black Oregon legislator says campaigning in own district triggered 911 call, and #MourningWhileBlack: Priest Calls Cops on Black Funeral-Goers, Tells Them to ‘Get the Hell Out’ of Church, and Self-described Nazis and white supremacists are running as Republicans across the country.

5. Therese “Patricia” Okoumou, the woman who climbed onto the Statue of Liberty on the 4th of July, spoke outside a New York City courthouse. (video) In related news, Black Women Are People. Expecting Them to Be Our Saviors and Superheroes Is Killing Them.

6. Dad to orphaned wildlife from 60 Second Docs, (video).

7. Mr. Rogers used his show to fight racism in so many ways. (video)

8. This man successfully infiltrated white supremacist groups and caught it all on hidden camera — this is what he found. (video)

9. When the Fourth of July Was a Black Holiday. In related news, Responsibility Day.

10. Kids always have the funniest things to say. (video)

11. A one-year-old boy became the star of Jackson Square after he hopped into a French Quarter band’s performance. (video)

12. Cops were called on him — for mowing a lawn. Now his business is booming.

13. You’ve heard the one about the tortoise and the hare…BUT have you heard the one about the tortoise and the herd of cows? (video)

14. These adorable babies will make your day. In related news, Baby adorable reactions compilation. (videos)

15. These U.S. industries can’t work without illegal immigrants.

16. What is your dream? from Alexandra Franzen.

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