Gratitude Friday

1. Flowers in the bathroom. It’s peony season, and one variety (the ones I planted in memory of Kelly) matches the color of the roses by our front window almost exactly (although the peonies are the ones that smell like roses and the roses don’t smell at all… weird).

2. The email from my mom, reminding me that today was Friday, so I didn’t forget this post for the fourth week in a row!

3. Good books. This is going to be my read this weekend. I preordered it for my kindle so I would get it as soon as it released, but I got a copy even sooner since the author herself is right down the hall from me and she knew I’d blog about it. This was one of my most anticipated reads for summer. I’ve only had the chance to read the first essay (in which there’s wisdom like this, “There is something about privilege that can place one in a position to erase the realities of others”), but already this is so good.

4. Summer. Even though I have to work for two more weeks, and the project I’m working on has me super stressed out, I can feel summer all around me.

5. The morning walk. After a visit to a new doctor and some shots, my knees are doing much better which means I’ve been able to go on more walks.

Bonus Joy: Wild Writing class, breakfast with a friend, naps, clean sheets, rain, baby geese, a cold glass of clean water, going barefoot, the sound of a dog sigh, the way Eric’s head smells, a warm shower, good TV, laughing with Eric, fresh strawberries from our garden.

I'd love to hear what you think, kind and gentle reader.

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