Gratitude Friday

Sam helps me make a wish

Sam helps me make a wish

1. Birthdays. I turned 49 and Ringo turned 3. On mine, I slept in, had a lazy morning with the dogs, gave meditation instruction to Susan Piver, video chatted with one of my favorite writers, had tea and cake (with candles!) with one of my best friends, talked to my mom and brother on the phone, and went to dinner with my favorite. Then, the next day was Ringo’s turn. He did pretty much what he always does, but that’s just because his life is already really good.

Does he look older?

Does he look older?

2. Morning walks. Because we are both on a tiny break from work, Eric and I get to go together, and we’ve been stopping at the little dog park.


3. The Happy Holiday Hearth DVD. Tis the season. We bought it originally as a joke, but it’s actually so awesome we use it all the time. I swear I feel warmer sitting in front of it.

thanksgivingfire02 thanksgivingfire

4. Being lazy. I don’t do it often enough, and could learn a thing or two from the dogs, who are really really good at it.

ringocouching03 samcouching02

5. Eric taking the dogs hiking. They love to go and I love having the house all to myself.

snowtraildogs traildogs02

Bonus joy: Thanksgiving dinner leftovers, a new season of Gilmore Girls, clean pjs, Solange’s new album, 2 Dope Queens, four days off from work, quiet, clean water, people willing to risk everything to protect the water, Put Your Hands Together, crying, meditation, sleep, cuddling with the dogs, making Eric laugh.

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