Daily Archives: August 5, 2016

Gratitude Friday


1. Morning walks. Soon it will be cooling down, getting darker in the morning, and all the people who come out for summer will be gone and we’ll have the park back to ourselves again, mostly.

2. Peach season. It’s the best thing about August in Colorado. Eric made a peach pie on our bbq grill the other night that is one of the best things I’ve ever tasted.


3. Our garden. It’s maybe not as pretty this year and certainly not producing as much, partly because we were gone so long thus neglecting it and partly because we had close to forty 90 degree days this season, but I still love it so much.

2016frontgarden watermelon02 sunflower03 beeplantandbee

4. Movies with Eric in the “fancy” theater. The one with the reclining, reserved seats. We went to Ghostbusters a few days ago and had the whole theater to ourselves, and are going to the new Star Trek movie this weekend.


5. Being home. Of course, I miss Oregon — the beach, my family, the good food, the lack of responsibility. But I’m also so glad to be home, back in my tiny little house.

Bonus joy: Seeing friends, the Korean Sweet Potato Falafel tacos at Blind Pig, a glass of clean cold water, that the bee in my hair and the other one on Sam’s leg didn’t sting us, a few cool days in the midst of a string of hot ones, clean sheets, not needing to do everything right now, watching movies, peach pie oatmeal for breakfast, Eric taking the dogs running, one more week of vacation, reading in bed at night, being able to sleep at night because I remember a time not so long ago when that wasn’t the way it worked, selling our car to someone who can use it (win/win), gas prices dropping again, catching up on the laundry, going barefoot and my foot not even hurting.