Three Truths and One Wish

From our walk this morning

From our walk this morning

1. Truth: I can be very judgmental. Things that irritated me just this morning: Donald Trump, Republicans, people who claim to have healed themselves (from everything from high cholesterol to cancer) through nothing more than diet and exercise and positive thinking, people with offlead dogs, bikes that ride on the sidewalk, shops that don’t open until 11 am, two people I haven’t even seen in at least 20 years, a teacher who is always quoting things but never giving credit to the original author, Ringo, my computer, myself.

2. Truth: The single most important and beneficial thing I could do for myself is to get enough sleep. I don’t do this, most of the time, and it leads to all sorts of other things that are bad for my overall health and well-being — not wanting to exercise, eating too much candy or even forgetting to eat, not being able to think or act with clarity, having trouble relating to other people, being easily irritated, getting depressed.

3. Truth: I can’t stop thinking about that thing Tiffany Han said, in a recent post on Laura Simms’s blog, advice about whether or not you should start a business. Tiffany said, “Try to discern if you really want a business or if you’re looking for relief from your current job situation.” I can’t stop thinking about it because I’d already realized that I didn’t necessarily want another job so much as I wanted a different kind of life, and to be honest that life might not include fulltime work at all.

One wish: May we all keep our hearts soft, may our bodies be well rested, and may we be able to relax with what is.

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