Daily Archives: May 13, 2016

Gratitude Friday

1. Friday, and not just any Friday, the last day of finals week and my last Friday for this academic year! Just a few more days of work and I’ll be on summer vacation!!!


2. Flowers in the bathroom. One of my favorite indulgences.


3. Spring. The green, the leaves, the blooms, the sky, and the sun.

4. Wild Writing and Yoga, teaching or taking.

springlounge5. My tiny family. Sweet Sam, Ringo Blue, and Eric Always.


Bonus joy: R&B stations on satellite radio, my irises blooming, an unexpected free lunch, Bella tshirts (triblend, so soft), sweet potatoes, massage, sleeping in, naps, good books, good tv, clean sheets, clean water, a warm shower, clean towels, tennis balls, libraries.