Gratitude Friday

springbreaksnow1. Snow. Actually, I’m totally over winter, so ready for spring. But, I knew there would be more snow coming, at least a few more times before we are done with it, and seven inches on a Friday during Spring Break is better than feet of snow on a day when we are trying to get somewhere.

2. Signs of spring, like the tulips and daffodils I got the other day at Trader Joe’s. There might be snow outside, but I’ve got some sunshine inside.


3. In related news, the camera on my new phone takes amazing pictures. I’m still being so careful with it, not using it much because the case I ordered isn’t here yet, but I’ve taken a few pictures with it and the clarity and quality is so much better than I expected.

4. My tiny family. Eric, Sam, and Ringo.

ringoanddad samsnowlory5. Being financially stable. We probably need a new furnace soon, and Eric dropped his phone so needs a new one of those too. We were able to buy a new car and redo our bathroom this year, as well as spend two months this summer in Oregon. I can go to the doctor when I need to and buy better quality food. We have enough money and good credit and not a whole lot of debt. I am very aware that this is NOT everyone’s reality, and I’m so grateful.

Bonus joy: clean water, a warm shower, clean laundry, clean sheets, snow tires on our cars, Wild Writing class, being able to say no to things, wool socks, down blankets and pillows, a good meal with good friends, being able to help, knowing I’m strong enough, pictures of the dogs when they were still babies, my favorite running shoes with Gortex, new bras.

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