Three Truths and One Wish

gutted1. Truth: I’m feeling a bit like this pumpkin. Hollowed out, gutted, used up. I left for work yesterday morning and this pumpkin only had a few bite marks. When I pulled into the driveway that same evening, a squirrel was head and shoulders deep in it. Yes, I’m nourishing others, but I’m not doing so great right now at nourishing myself.

2. Truth: Since I’ve been back at my CSU job, I haven’t taken more than a few days off. I’m trying to do both this full time work and still manage my side gigs. It doesn’t really work, but I can’t seem to give anything up. I want to do ALL THE THINGS. I also have a real problem with FOMO.

3. Truth: I’m trying to be better about this. This morning, I taught my yoga class and instead of going straight to work after, I stayed for meditation. I’m going to take a day of rest tomorrow because my eyes hurt, I’ve had a headache for three days, and I need to get some rest before I really crash.

One wish: That we give ourselves permission to rest when we need it, that we nourish ourselves, that we honor our limits as well as our longing, that we balance our effort with ease.

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