Three Truths and One Wish

image by Eric

image by Eric

1. One of the best things about getting up early and having dogs that need a long walk is seeing the sun rise. This was the sky on Sunday morning. Eric and I kept stopping, standing in amazement and telling each other how lucky we were to see it. He had his phone in his pocket, so he took a picture, capturing how the light reflected off the surface of the river.

2. I’ve started making a more conscious effort to connect, to communicate directly with that which is bigger than me. It is called by so many names — Yaweh, Allah, God, the Universe, the Self, the Divine. In one of my favorite movies, Joe vs. The Volcano, Tom Hanks’ character addresses it simply as, “Dear God, whose true name I do not know.” I’ve decided for now to call it “Dear One,” and like to imagine it calling me the same. Even so, I have no idea what it is exactly, and am certain I will never really know, never fully understand it. And yet, I believe it has something to teach me about love, something I long to know, desperately want to learn.

3. The more I practice self-compassion, gratitude, and communion, the more I am able to not abandon myself. I can stay present with the hard stuff, keep my heart open, let go of blame, relax and rest. I can be patient and kind and gentle and loving. I can be who I am, be confident in the way Susan Piver describes it, “the willingness to be as ridiculous, luminous, intelligent, and kind as you really are, without embarrassment.”

One Wish: May we all find someone to help and to love, along with some kind of peace, a little ease, some rest, a bit of comfort, even as we continue to try so hard.

6 thoughts on “Three Truths and One Wish

  1. barbranostay

    I like your comments about God , Jill .The word itself is so “loaded ” with people”s opinions and concepts – including mine.! When I think of what the word “God” means to me ,I can only think of something akin to “The Mysterious”, the “unknowable”, the “most awesome” etc. Yet, I believe we are all a part of or all of God (The Mystery) the good, the bad and the ugly… It is good to remember this sometimes – Life is a mystery , but of course , as human beings , we want to know what is up ahead and we can never know – makes it more interesting.We want “answers” to our questions and sometimes I think there are no answers , only questions…

    1. jillsalahub Post author

      Yes, it’s been a long road for me, finding my way back to “God.” I was raised Catholic, and there was a lot of confusion and anger I had to work my way through. I had to find a new way to understand, to connect, but the longing has always been there. There’s a Buddhist saying I love, “only don’t know.”


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