Gratitude Friday

1. Eric taking the dogs hiking at Mount Margaret. I would have rather gone with them than gone to work, but I’m glad they got to go.

2. My interns. I had my last meeting with them yesterday. They set the bar high for the ones that will come after them, not just because they did good work, but were smart, creative, friendly, and funny — my favorite kind of people.

3. My peonies coming back strong. They did so well, I’m going to plant more — many many more.

4. A new blog design template and updated header. The old header had images of Dexter and none of Ringo, so it was time for a new one, and once I did that, it seemed like a shame to not keep going and pick a new design, freshen things up a bit. I’m also considering a sabbatical while we are on vacation in Oregon. I haven’t taken a break from blogging since September 2011, and it might be time.

5. Yoga teacher training. We did our “karma bowl” challenge on Saturday and went to the Eldora Mountain Yoga Ashram together last Sunday. I had a few personal epiphanies and felt a real deepening and clarity.

Bonus joy: Ringo on the bed under my writing desk. Someday, he will grow up, stop chewing and eating and destroying and biting, be trustworthy, easier, not need so much supervision. Hopefully he’ll live that way for a long, long time.



2 thoughts on “Gratitude Friday

    1. jillsalahub Post author

      ♥ I have a whole four by four foot section, maybe even a bit bigger than that, that I am going to STUFF full of peonies. I only put in three last year to see how they’d do there, and I’m very happy with the results. My dream is to have enough that I can have cut ones in the house but still tons left on the plant.


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