Monthly Archives: June 2014

Gratitude Friday

1. A safe and relatively easy trip. As soon as Sam got out of the car and into the house here in Waldport, he knew exactly where we were and what to do — it’s his third time here. We didn’t know what to expect from Ringo, since he was only six months old and had never gone on a ride longer than a few hours. He did okay in the car, not great but okay, and is settling in really well. Typically, he can’t settle down in the evening unless we crate him, but he’s only needed that once since we’ve been here. His favorite place to rest is under the dining room table, which was also Dexter’s favorite spot.

echodog032. Food: Three farmer’s markets, cherries, strawberries, raspberries, bay shrimp, Leroy’s Blue Whale buttermilk pancakes, salad and chowder and garlic cheese bread and marionberry cobbler at Mo’s, marionberry jam for sale at the grocery store like it’s not even a big deal, and maple bars, coconut and filbert macaroons, and bear claws filled with marionberry goodness from Depoe Baykery.

depoebaykery3. Long walks on the beach, which is wide and flat and goes for miles. That time when a bald eagle flew right over our heads and this morning when two more were sitting at the top of a tall, wind bent pine tree at Ona Beach. Hiking the Gwynn Creek Trail. Long naps to counterbalance all the walking.

gwynncreek05 4. Two dogs. I’m so much happier with two, even though it’s harder.

ringoandsam5. Visiting Obi’s spot, which will be Obi and Dexter’s spot before we go. It’s a creek they always ran and played in, with a cluster of wild yellow irises and this amazing pine tree at its mouth, and where we scattered some of Obi’s ashes and will Dexter’s too. Next week, it will have been one year since we lost Dexter, almost five since we lost Obi. Sam and Ringo are so much like them, echo dogs, but I love and miss the first two, still feel like I have four dogs somehow.

Bonus joy: How happy Eric was when we drove into town.