Wishcasting Wednesday

If you wishcast with Jamie long enough, you start to see that what you wish for — your desire, your longing, your hunger — is the same no matter what she asks, no matter how she phrases it. And yet, the specific prompt each week allows me to see those wishes in a different light, from a different angle.

This week for example I consider what it means to immerse myself, what that looks like, feels like. There’s a particular sense of sinking, relaxing, a single minded focus and intensity, doing just what I’m doing, being exactly where I am, in the flow, allowing everything else to fade, go quiet, tuning in to my own truth.

And how interesting that the animal card reading Rachael Maddox did for me recently called for a return to my own wisdom, to flow and play, and recommended water cleansing rituals, and this word immersion means “to dip or submerge in a liquid,” to baptize by submerging in water, but also to involve oneself deeply in an activity or interest, be absorbed in the flow, to lose oneself in it, to engage wholly and deeply.

I wish to immerse myself in comfort and ease.

I wish to immerse myself in reading, words, stories and narrative, magic and medicine.

I wish to immerse myself in eating, whole food that satisfies all of my appetites.

I wish to immerse myself in home, that sense of safety, belonging, intimacy and truth.

I wish to immerse myself in practice, showing up with an open heart and no agenda, allowing whatever might arise.

I wish to immerse myself in stillness and quiet.

I wish to immerse myself in creativity, my hands covered in ink and glue and paint and dirt.

I wish to immerse myself in connection and conversation, present and listening deeply.

I wish to immerse myself in love and joy.

I wish to immerse myself in my own inherent deep inner knowing, my own authority.

6 thoughts on “Wishcasting Wednesday

  1. Jen Allen

    This morning as I was writing out my post, I came to realize too that my wishes don’t change much. They are pretty much always the same…moving in circles, talking about the same thing, work through the same things.

    As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you too!


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