Daily Archives: October 2, 2013

Wishcasting Wednesday

image from Jamie, posted on Instagram

image from Jamie, posted on Instagram, a quote from Susan

Jamie asks on this Wishcasting Wednesday, “What do you wish to clear?” She used another image for her post today, but I love this one that she shared on Instagram so much, I’m using it instead. It combines four of my favorite things: Jamie, Susan, space and magic.

I wish to clear a space for creativity without purpose or agenda. May there be space for joy and play.

I wish to clear my resistance to rest and self-care. May there be room for ease and wellness.

I wish to clear my confusion about my own worth — Sakyong Mipham said once “we think we are rocks, but we are gold.” May there be confidence in my basic goodness, may I trust my fundamental wisdom and compassion and strength.

I wish to clear my avoidance of grief. May there be space for sadness, tenderness, and tears.

I wish to clear my discursive thoughts about food. May there be an opening for self-compassion, for sanity, for wholeness and health.

I wish to clear my guilt, sometimes shame around who I am, what I think, feel, do, the way I smash myself to bits. May there be an opportunity for forgiveness, for kindness, for acceptance.

I wish to clear my agenda, my judgement and criticism. May equanimity arise instead.

I wish to clear all the old rules, the perfectionism, the need to be a good girl, the quest to earn love, the pursuit of permission. May I find crazy wisdom, courage and truth in its place.