Wishcasting Wednesday


from Jamie’s post

Today Jamie asks “what’s your Spring wish?” I haven’t Wishcast in a long while, not because I don’t appreciate the practice but because I was doing too much and needed to slow down, so this was a practice that was on haitus. However, this wish felt like an opportunity I shouldn’t pass up.

You see, I was just out in the backyard playing with Dexter (and Sam too). It’s a bit cold out today, but I wanted to be outside. The grass is starting to green up and things are starting to bud and even bloom. There’s a lawn chair out from just a few days ago when it was sunny and warm.

I never thought I would see another Spring with Dexter in it. His prognosis when his cancer was diagnosed was 95 days, with his first significant symptoms a month before that, so I wasn’t even sure if he’d stay long enough to see snow again. That was almost eight months ago, and he’s still here.

And yet, living with a terminally ill pet means things can change at any time. He went to physical therapy this morning and even they noticed he was in a happier mood, was clearly feeling better. He’s getting stronger and while the tear in his knee won’t likely heal completely, he’s doing really well considering, is able to be moderately and carefully active. That made me feel really good, but then just a few hours later, he sneezed a few times and there was blood, so I shifted to feeling sad. This is how it goes.

So my Spring wish is in two parts: May I be able to remain fully present with Dexter while he is still here, and when it’s time for him to go, may he have an easy death.

12 thoughts on “Wishcasting Wednesday

  1. sherrybelul

    I love how personal and also universal this wish is. Yes, yes, yes, to your wish to be present to Dexter and also for an easy death. I wish that for all of us: to be present while we are here. And to have an easy death. (Or if it can’t be easy, let it be full of love and compassion. xo

      1. Trish

        Thanks, Jill. She seems fine, but I worry that she’s not. She has many new lumps and bumps. Paul and I fear that her end will come quickly and we will regret that we haven’t had as much time for her in the last 3 years as she deserves. It is just so hard to balance, though, and Wisconsin is so hard in the winter – walks are just not feasible for any of us. I could go on and on. I do miss my one-on-one time with Marlowe, but keep hoping she’ll live long enough to enjoy time with the kids.

      2. jillsalahub Post author

        No matter what happens, Trish, she’s had a wonderful life and you loved and cared for her well. That’s all any of us can ask for ♥

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